Over the period of last 4 years, INNOVEX SOLUTIONS have developed more than hundred  websites and enterprise applications primarily in Retail, Healthcare, eCommerce, NGO, Real-estate, Manufacturing and Education domain. The applications are both public websites for customer interfacing and enterprise ERP & CRM systems that help in making businesses more efficient and cost effective.

Our Process

The process followed at INNOVEX SOLUTIONS has two clear perspectives, one is related to client communication and the other is related to software development methodology in coding practices. Both combinedly result in  quality software to solve business problems efficiently. 

The steps are:

  1. Requirement Understanding & Analysis through a series of meetings.
  2. Proposing a solution in a well documented format along with estimated cost. 
  3. Get confirmation on the above and kick off development steps. 
  4. Development Step: AGILE + SPIRAL development methodology followed for each module which involves Coding, Testing, Bug-Fixing, Deployment, Client Review/ Feedback and Enhancement sub-steps. 
  5. The deployments are done in a milestone based manner, so that clients can see working output even in the intermediate stages, which helps in solving business problems. 
  6. Post development support cycle provided for bug fixes and enhancements to suit the changing business needs.

Please drop us an email to or whatsapp/call us at +91-7003714288 / +91-7008550449 to discuss with our team for any business enquiry.